Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gallery Visit: William Wachtel Gallery: Margeaux Walter

Margeaux Walter was born 1972 in Seattle. She studied at NYU Tisch School of Art in New York City. Her work was included in the MoMA P.S.1 Revolving Exhibition 2010. She is represented by the William Wachtel Gallery.
Walter creates digital photographs and lenticulars (a printing process that creates images that move or shift with the movement of the viewer), to examine the impact of technology on society.

“Whether I am exploring the changing ideals of family and community, or how we interact in crowds, my work is both created with a sense of humor, and with a yearning to hold onto physical human interaction in a technologically advancing society.”

Margeaux was inspired by the work of Cindy Sherman, an artist who dresses up as different characters and photographs herself. All the characters in Margeaux's collages are photos of herself, disguised in wigs, costumes, and makeup.

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