Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Museum Visit: MoMA's Family Party

It's Family Night at the MoMA, and maybe the best party of the season.  

The white walls of the museum are bathed with blue light, like a disco.

A dj fills the lobby with the deep sounds of dance music.

Balloons float in the balcony overhead.

Giant sculptures dance to a bouncy beat...

Kids join the fun.

Crowds of people keep arriving.

There are art workshops upstairs. 

The second floor cafeteria has been turned into an amazing studio for drawing and collage... 

A paper umbrella inspires drawing.

Apples inspire drawing.

The Education wing has become the party dining room...

...serving delicious fruit cubes on sticks, chicken fingers, and gooey Brownie squares.

Upstairs, the Cafe on the 5th floor has been transformed into a drawing studio...

...where families can draw together...

... kids can work on masterpieces.

Finally, after lots of art and tons of fun, it's time to get ready to leave.

One last dance with the "slinkies."

Good night and thank you MoMA for the best ever Family Party. 

We will definitely be back for more fun next year.

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