Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Studio Visit: Anna Schrage PS1

Anna Schrage Performs a Painting

Anna  Schrage is an artist. She was born in Germany. She lives and works in New York City. Anna creates videotapes of herself while she is painting. Her idea is to "perform" her painting process for an audience, like a dancer, or, a musician. As she explains, “I am looking for an exchange between the artist and the audience, like performing artists do on stage." 

Here are some stills of Anna painting, taken from one of Anna's recent videos.

This is a project inspired by Anna Schrage's "performance" art that you can do at home: Use your "point-and-shoot" camera to make a video of yourself doing a painting. Talk about what you are doing. Talk about the materials you are using, the paints, the markers. Do you feel this is like a  “performance?” Do you want people to applaud when you finish your painting?

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