Monday, September 12, 2011

Studio Visit: Puppet Horse TED

Here is a most amazing, life-size horse puppet. It is made of wood and very thin fabric. Two people make it move from the inside; a third person works it from the outside. It is very life-like. It walks and runs. It snorts and breathes. Its ears turn. People ride on it.

The puppet was built by a very talented puppet company called Handspring.

These photographs were part of a video at TED, an online conference that features presentations by people in the arts and science. See the link to TED below.

Pretend you are a horse. Use a large, thin scarf to cover yourself. How would a horse move? How would a horse sound? Make up a story about a horse. Make a video about your horse.

Here is a link to TED and this video about the horse puppet and the company that made it.

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