Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Art Tour: Chelsea 10/11

Art Tour: Chelsea October 19, 2011, 11:00 am. For parents with young children:

C’mon along, let artbusnyc take you by the hand. Pack up your toddler, your Cheerios, release the brake on your stroller, jump in a cab, and meet us on Wednesday, October 19th, at 11:00 am, to visit 3 art galleries in Chelsea.

First stop:

The Pace Gallery: 545 West 22nd Street. Carsten Nicolai, until October 22, 2011

A white parachute lies on the floor in front of a large fan. Every four minutes, the fan is turned on. The fan makes a very loud noise.  The wind inflates the parachute and it leaps up into the air. It’s fun to watch.

The artist is Carsten Nicolai. The exhibit is called “Pionier.,” the german word for “pioneer.” Nicolai’s work operates on the borders of art and science. His exhibition resembles a scientific laboratory, where calculations and tests are performed. 

Second stop:

Sikkema Jenkins & Co. 530 West 22nd Street. Vik Muniz to October 15, 2011.

Muniz presents new  large-scale photographs that recreate historical paintings with torn strips of magazine photos. He reminds us of the overwhelming flow of information in modern life.

Create images of animals using bits of torn paper from magazine images. Photograph your images.

Yancy Richardson Gallery: 535 West 22nd Street. Hellen van Meene, until October 22, 2011

Yancy Richardson Gallery exhibits the work of photographers. Hellen van Meene was born in 1972, in the Netherlands. She lives and works there. This is her third show at Yancy Richardson.

The exhibition includes several beautiful portraits of young women that van Meene photographed in Russia and the Netherlands, and formal portraits of dogs. Van Meene photographed the dogs in an outdoor studio she created to highlight the character of each dog. They are funny and fun.

Third stop: West 24th Street...

Gagosian Gallery: 555 West 24th Street. Richard Serra, until November 26, 2011

The artist is Richard Serra. Two new sculptures fill the gallery space. They are giant metals spirals tipped at angles that  seem to defy gravity. Mr. Serra’s father worked in shipyards, and Serra’s sculptures can suggest the inverted hulls of tankers.

When you walk in and out of Serra's huge sculptures, they make feel you might be in Gulliver’s Travels, like the tiny Lilliputians, discovering the giant world of humans.

Next Month: Art Tours November-December 2011

Be sure to follow artbusnyc next month. Art Tours will return to Yancy Richardson, to see the gorgeous, old master-inspired photographs of Sharon Core, October 27-December 23, 2011:


Sharon Core replicates and then photographs the food and flower paintings of old and modern masters, with real food and real flowers. Core admires the Dutch painters, Bosschaert and Jan Breughel, and the Modernist painters, Odilon Redon and Fantin-LaTour. See if you can find paintings by these masters online. Try to replicate them with real food and flowers. Take photographs of your compositions.

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