Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Studio Project: Watercolors 2

Here are some notes on a fun art session with a toddler: ...a watercolor workshop.

The quick set-up: Put a thin plastic drop-cloth on the dining table. Pull up a chair. Put out a pan of Crayola watercolors (bought in the supermarket),  a jar of water, some paper towels, a pad of paper (tear off a few sheets), a brush, (try a new long-handled artist's brush). It would be nice to have a beautiful sunny day bouncing warm light into the room. Clear a nice exhibition wall. Tear off some small pieces of scotch tape (for the exhibition). Take out your point-and-shoot camera. (You don't want to miss these shots.) OK. Ready, set, paint.

Today, we painted people...a nice circle for the head...large round dots for eyes...a smiling sort of triangular shape for a dress...arms...legs. (Take a photo.) Finished. Do another one...same way...then another...then another. (Photo.) Four paintings with roughly the same size figure. A series. Nicely done. Tape the paintings to the exhibition wall. Yea! (Photo)

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