Friday, August 17, 2012

Studio Visit: Dancing with Pilobolus

Paula Lobo for The New York Times

These are photographs of the Pilobolus performance of "Skyscrapers" choreographed by Trish Sie.

Trish created "Skyscrapers" as a music video for the rock band "OK Go." (Her brother, Damian Kulash, is the band’s lead singer.) The music video shows Trish and dancer Moti Buchboot, as they   slowly tango  across a string of colorful street backdrops; their costumes change colors with each frame. 

Trish was a childhood fan of the dance group Pilobolus. She sent Renee Jaworski, at Pilobolus, the “Skyscrapers" video, and Pilobolus agreed to collaborate on a live performance version. 

Music videos are fun to create. Here are some ideas you can try:
Music Video Projects Inspired by Trish Sie
1. Colors- select music you feel is "red" (or blue, or yellow) music. Put on clothes in that color. Create movements for the music. What is the "red" feeling of the dance?
2. Changes- change to blue clothes. Change the music to "blue" music. Create movements for the "blue" music. Is there a different feeling?

3. Ideas- what other "color" ideas can you come up with for dances? Green frog? Yellow sun? Red rose?

4. Videos- create music videos of your dances. Talk about your ideas for the videos...the music...the movements...

5. Friends- invite friends to collaborate with you. Ask them to create dance movements. Talk about the dances together. Rehearse the movements. Perform them.

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