Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Public Art Visit: Discovering Columbus

There is a statue of Christopher Columbus in Columbus Circle, in New York City. Usually, we walk past the statue without  noticing it. It's just part of the street. But Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi wants us to notice it. He want to change the way we look at the statue of Columbus. So he is constructing a six-story tower around it. What? And, it will have a furnished living room at the top level. Really? When you climb the stairs to the living room above, you will "Discover Columbus,"  (the actual statue), poking through the floor in the middle of the living room. Fun, yes? 

Nishi's art is called "conceptual art. Here is his sketch of the living room he designed to surround the top of the Columbus statue.

"Discovering Columbus" celebrates the 400th anniversary of Columbus' journey to America. You can visit the tower starting on September 20th. 

A Creative Project Inspired by Nishi

Select an object from the kitchen, a whisk perhaps. Select a shoe box. Decorate the box with drawings of shoes. Put the whisk in the box. Close the box. Ask friends what they think is in the box. If they say shoes, you have successfully changed the way they think about what to expect. That's what Nishi does. He changes the surroundings of objects to make you see them in a new way.

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