Sunday, November 11, 2012

Art News: Cy Twombly's Last Paintings

Today, I visited the Gagosian Gallery at 980 Madison Ave. near 77th Street,  to see the thrilling last paintings of Cy Twombly. I couldn't wait until they came to New York from London. 

In our earlier blog, "Cy Twombly's Scribbles," we wrote about Twombly's early drawings and paintings,  his classical Greek scribbles, his chalk scribbles on a blackboard, his color scribbles with soft pastels. Now in his "Last Paintings," his scribbles have grown to be the size of an entire wall. Painting in juicy oranges across acid green, giant loops leave a web of spidery drips. They are exciting paintings. They take you to a lush place Twombly discovered late in his life. So very beautiful. They will be at the Gagosian Gallery through Dec 22.  A fitting farewell to an amazing American painter.

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