Monday, November 12, 2012

Museum Visit: Wade Guyton at the Whitney

Karsten Moran for The New York Times

New York–based artist Wade Guyton (b. 1972) makes bold paintings and drawings like these wall-sized  bands of color, using digital technologies: desktop computers, scanners, and giant inkjet printers. Guyton tears photographs from magazines, scans them and prints over them. He includes beautiful printing accidents, misprinted photos, broken graphic bands. The exhibition concludes with a spectacular artwork of broken black bands, over fifty feet long on two opposite walls, that Guyton created specifically for the Whitney space. 

The title of the Whitney survey, Wade Guyton OS, refers to a computer’s “operating system,” linking Guyton’s art to the operating systems of our time.

A Project Inspired by Wade Guyton

Select some photographs from a magazine. Either tear them out (with permission) or scan them. Print some large letters, or words on a new page. Print them over the photographs. Try several combinations. Fun, yes? Try enlarging sections. Try collages...real ones...cut and paste...Scan them. Do some more printing combinations. Do some more collages and print color bands over them.

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