Monday, July 18, 2011

Museum Visit: Jim Henson's Muppets

This is Jim Henson. He is a Muppet puppeteer.

Q. What is a muppet?
A. It’s a type of puppet.
Q. What is a puppet?
A. A puppet is a kind of doll that puppeteers make appear to talk.

Henson created a world of muppets that live on Sesame Street. They teach children under 6 years old, about letters, numbers, and how to read. Henson gave each of these muppets a role to play:

This is Kermit. He is a Muppet puppet. He is reasonable and tries to keep things working smoothly. He started as a reporter at Sesame Street. Now he acts as the host of all the events.

This is Big Bird. He is a "full-body" puppet. He is very tall and very yellow. He has a gentle personality.

This is Bert and Ernie. They are like brothers. Each one has an opinion that the other doesn't always agree with.

This is Miss Piggy. She is the "diva" of Sesame Street. She is very vain and likes lots of attention.

This is Elmo. He has a great giggle. He is young and playful, like our pre-schoolers.

These characters have been teaching young children the alphabet, numbers, and how to read since 1969. After ten years on television, Sesame Street estimated that 9 million children under age 6 were watching Sesame Street daily. In 2010, it was found that now, even younger children, 3 and 4 year olds, are watching Sesame Street. Sesame Street has been translated into many languages and plays on television all over the world. Your parents, grew up watching the Sesame Street gang when they were children. Ask your mother.

Jim Henson's World at the Museum of the Moving Image 
The Museum of the Moving Image is presenting an exhibition called the World of Jim Henson with some of the original Muppet characters on view. Also, (fanfare) the original "Muppet Movie" is being shown in the Museum's Theater. Check the schedule. I think it is playing on Saturday and Sunday at 1:00 pm. It is amazing fun.

artbusnyc project:
How to Make a Muppet
Have you ever wondered how to make a muppet? Here are the links to a great tutorial. It's very clear and easy to follow. Now, anyone can make a Muppet. And, you will find some hilarious clips from Muppet Shows at the end of this blog.

Tutorial by: (This is really good stuff.)

Types of puppets

Tools and supplies

puppet pattern

sewing the pattern outline

cutting out the pattern

stuffing the arms

mouth board

inserting mouthboard

gluing mouthboard


fill head

adding eyes

completing the eyes

adding a nose

adding hair

And there you have it. You've created your very own Muppet. Let's put on a tv show.

Just for laughs

Here are some funny Muppet Swedish Chef clips:

Swedish chef hot dog

Swedish chef lobsters

Swedish chef turkey

We love the Muppets!!!!

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